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We offer working artists special deals on our content management systems and ecommerce products tailored to the needs of an artist.  There is sometimes a sponsorship link associated with discounts on our services.  Why do we offer discounts and sponsorship to the artist client?  Because of our experience in artist management: we can offer advice and online ecommerce methods for marketing art work on the web.  The actual marketing is up to the individual’s own social media footprint and/or willingness to invest in advertising.

  1. Software Antelope Ltd make an agreement with an artist to host their content at a discounted rate, via sponsorship or management and licensing.
2. The artist may design a simple holding page – just an outline with an image or two, and prepare content for it.
3. We will install a fresh and up-to-date version of WordPress using Woocommerce and a basic template called shopfront which links to the client’s paypal or stripe account for accepting payments.  We include a basic site build in WordPress to host your basic content to get it going.  The artist should provide or design a logo (horizontal and square formats), slogans, and prepare content for the site basic pages (e.g. about the artist, contact, perhaps a simple gallery).  We provide some content building with the initial install.

Products: or

3a. The artist can build pages and content.  Or book time at an hourly rate.
4. To sell prints of your visual artwork, we can either attach a drop-supplier or your ecommerce shop or the artist can take orders in conjunction with their own printer.
4a. In rare cases, Software Antelope Ltd may offer an artist a licensing deal, including royalties against sales and a percentage of profits to the artist.  A contract is required and usually runs for two years.  All sales and advertising costs are handled by Software Antelope Ltd, and costs of hosting are met during the term of license.  
5. Alternative templates for layouts in WordPress with Woocommerce are available to extend the large range of standard features available in the base product.  Some of these require payment to third parties.
6. If the artist wants to sell and offer original work, you can make the products with images and descriptions, and offer a framing service.  We work with a prestige framing service who provide an excellent service for artists with an extreme quality of craft and attention to detail.
We do like to support the arts online.

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