Agile Methodology and Rates

Scenario: Client has a specific idea of a requirement and a general plan of what is required.

Actions: Client proposal may be in the form of a document or a specification, we consider it may change. We may be working for a client directly or via an agency. We agree to take on the work in stages.

Details: We break down the requirement into deliverables:

Breakdown may include:
Database layout
Admin maintainable tables
Controller actions

We make tasks and estimate time for each using Trello


We define a sprint in two-week or one-week cycles: we colour code the Trello tasks according to which sprint they can be done in, grouping tasks into appropriate slots. A sprint normally is 5 or 10 days in duration.

We publish the Trello board and agree with the client to start the next sprint.

When the Sprint is complete, we post the code to a staging server on our private cloud.

The client signs off the sprint, any incomplete tasks are carried over to the next sprint or canceled as appropriate.

Contract agreement for Sprint Services


The client receives an invoice for the sprint, upon payment, the source code repository is made available to the client.

Sprint Duration

Major projects require ten day (two weekly) Sprints. CMS implementations may be delivered on a One Week Sprint basis. An estimate for a project plan encompasses a number of Sprints.

Agencies can resell our sprint deliverables, please add your commission to our fee before approaching your client.

Start-up rates

If you are a start-up, we may do a deal with you as we are also a start-up. Contact us. We love to work with new ideas and will keep all communication strictly confidential.