Software Contracting


A project requires a clear vision of what is required. As a project progresses the plan may change. This used to pose a problem for developers: new database structure may introduce complex changes. A separation of the concerns: screen display versus database structure evolved in a design pattern called MVC (Model – View – Controller).

On the management side, Waterfall requires details that are predefined and set in stone. Agile facilitates change and delivery in stage by stage. Testing methodologies ensure each stage works with all its components.

MVC frameworks and Agile facilitate remote contract delivery.


Remote development is a viable solution to the problem of the continuous growth area in bespoke software development.

We have the internet, many tools and methods for collaboration, communication and planning. We also have overloaded transport networks, increased expenses and real-estate costs to host a contractor on-site.

We can solve these problems with online Agile tools for remote project management and online communication.


Remote development allows increased innovation as skills sets are no longer dependent on presence, developers use continual online training and upskill.

Developing software can be done in collaborative environments or by talented individuals.

Remote contracting has become a growth area in software development.

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