Website Construction Strategy Galleries

Italic text implies something already present. 

Simple enough.

Write a site that changes once every month with a new exhibition. The images are too small to print. But you can buy them and view them more closely in a limited way.

Each exhibit would have blog posts about it, and comment journalism by viewers.

Each exhibit would instantly disappear and be replaced by a fresh one each month. Invites for the exhibition go to each member of a drip-fed mailing list, kept interested with a series of three exhibition reminders with two big graphic boxes:

People can opt-out by hitting STOP or opt-in by hitting MORE


Click on one before you accidentally click on the other.

If Stop is selected it redirects to a page on the website that is active until RESUME is pressed.  When it is, MORE is reshown, hitting it moves the expiry date ahead by three months.  Stop cancels this booking.


We would add elements with their labels which is saved as meta data: e.g. caption and heading text to feature with each image, compose collections of 3. 5 or 7 images in a custom driven gallery.

Images would be linked to the shop where all images but next 3 months of programmed exhibitions are for sale.

In the shop, more image can be seen smaller and inspected but can be also purchased in multiple formats.

Upselling – i.e. recomended other images, get a tea shirt to go with your purchase: [wild] logical identical   teeshirt [mug] canvas

Cross selling:  i.e. customers who liked x may go for y

As we assign images into a future gallery they are removed from view for three months and then they are part of the exhibition.


A “loupe” would be provided which magnifies resolution for a limited area. It would not be able to capture.

That could work if you seed it from a facebook group or every page that responds to finding keywords in the content every time you update it and then run one image a day



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