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New services

Software Antelope Ltd is adding new cloud hosting structure. Basic shared cloud delivers what most small sites demand without specific bandwidth limitations or extra costs.

To get you started you share Cloud resources on an entry level account which is enough for most websites. When your site grows, we simply move it to a dedicated cloud and optimise your website in that environment according to your budget for growth.

A fast site is an essential ingredient in the mix to successful online businesses.

Our cloud environments are fast. A recent project resulted in a page-speed score of A(96%) for (check it yourself).

New Software Server

This site has been moved from our old shared hosting environment to our new Software Server.

It is very much faster as it runs on SSDs instead of hard disks, has a vastly improved software infrastructure and great support services.

Get your own Software Server (includes many installable software packages – we recommend WordPress, includes EMail boxes, and so much more – just ask for what you want, start a 5 hour or one week sprint, and we can have your site online very quickly). To celebrate our move we have a price special for the month of March! It may be the least expensive high quality supported hosting deal for your new website and we can start building a WordPress site for you straight away.

You will need a domain. First order gets one domain free!

Server products

We have rebranded our “hosting” products as “Servers”. Instead of “hosting” your website, we provide a configured server. If you need additional subdomains for a microservice, we simply add them. In the old model, you would need more “hosts”. Since we are adding new software capabilities, this would become cumbersome and expensive.

Instead we setup the hosting you need. Our basic Cloud Host is usually sufficient for your development project, but when you have a million users logging in each month, you will need an upgrade. Our upgrades will scale your Cloud server according to predictable needs.

Our Software Server is required for Email and many popular Content Management and Software Systems, including WordPress, Drupal, BBS, Galleries, Ecommerce and whatever you require.

Unline Hosting Companies we charge very little for these resources, therefore we only offer annual deals. And, unlike hosting companies we only provide Servers for our Development clients.

New Services Launched

Content Management Systems (CMS) hosting is the way to build a website yourself with the ability to post pages and news items or articles while being able to get technical and design professional services as you need them.

Our 1-year subscription CMS site is on offer for the first 20 sites at £275 per annum. You get online resources including a WordPress site you can update yourself, connected to your domain (using a subdomain).

A limited number of free (first year only) domains are available to those who order now (until they run out).

Order here.