Server products

We have rebranded our “hosting” products as “Servers”. Instead of “hosting” your website, we provide a configured server. If you need additional subdomains for a microservice, we simply add them. In the old model, you would need more “hosts”. Since we are adding new software capabilities, this would become cumbersome and expensive.

Instead we setup the hosting you need. Our basic Cloud Host is usually sufficient for your development project, but when you have a million users logging in each month, you will need an upgrade. Our upgrades will scale your Cloud server according to predictable needs.

Our Software Server is required for Email and many popular Content Management and Software Systems, including WordPress, Drupal, BBS, Galleries, Ecommerce and whatever you require.

Unline Hosting Companies we charge very little for these resources, therefore we only offer annual deals. And, unlike hosting companies we only provide Servers for our Development clients.

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